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Who We Are & What We Do


Our mission is to create avenues for non-profit organizations, groups and individuals to have additional access to funding and broader resources through collaborative efforts to develop individual organizations and their services, provide community connecting events, and forge new relationships in both the public and private sectors to leverage on behalf of the community.



The Justice & Dignity Center is here to assist and offer resources to any and all organizations that would like to work together and bring Unity and love to our communities to make a better place for all.

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Founder & C.E.O.

As an ordained Minister with a PhD in Psychology from Wexford University and a Masters degree in Sociology from UCLA, Bishop Tony R. Caldwell has been directly involved with Kansas City's modern development. He was instrumental in the construction of East High School's football program, still pledging a scholarship fund for East High School. Education is important to him, evidenced in his assistance to students filling out applications for college and financial aid. His success rate is impressive, with 53 students accepted into the college of their choice. A strong man of God, Caldwell also champions the community, working with law enforcement to reclaim Kansas City's streets for children and adults, founding transitional living programs through the New Community United KC , addressing violence, abuse and counseling needs. His dedication is apparent in the organizations with whom he works, some created by him to meet a specific need:  Peacekeepers, Safe Place Program, Second Chance Program, Keys Youth Services, Stop the Killing KC, Feed KC Program and advisor to the Mayor's office on human resources and outreach programs.

  Unfailingly patient and loving, Bishop Caldwell thinks nothing of personal sacrifice for the sake of his community. Whether living on a roof for a week to ensure funding for our transitional houses and community safe house, or listening to shared problems at community forums, Bishop Caldwell believes that the sheep must be fed. He is willing to do that work, no matter the cost. He is a man of integrity and patience, giving unselfishly to others. He goes above and beyond to help anybody and everybody in need. He is an awesome God-fearing man, understanding and mindful of the needs of others. He founded Eternal Life Church for the community. Back in 1995, Eternal Life was birthed out of a little place in Charlie Parker Square that has now grown into eight locations throughout the United States, from Texas to Arizona, from New York to Kansas City. In 1997, there was an outcry through our city. At that time, Bishop Caldwell started Community United, which kept growing with other organizations like the Peacekeepers, Loving Hands, Man Up Program, Second Chance, and many others. Based on these programs and organizations, many over the years have taken his ideas and format, duplicating them not only here in KC, but throughout the states. He is an apostle, always planting seeds of love and peace in our community. He loves his community; he loves his kids(all kids are his), and he loves his coworkers. He is truly a family man. He tries to tease the kids that he doesn't like them, but their standard response is, “But you love us!”Although he jokingly fires his volunteers all the time he is teaching them all that, “while you may not like what a person does, you have to love the person.” Whenever there's a problem, he is there to lend a hand, with any group or organization that is for the betterment of Kansas City. Many have tried to tear him down, put him down, misuse, abuse and scandalize, but the Bible says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” This is why he still stands today as a leader of leaders in our community.



“Today’s Youth Is Tomorrow’s World”

Building a Better Tomorrow

Rev. Tony R. Caldwell, PHD.

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