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KC community members develop apps aimed to improve access to resources, ability to locate missing persons

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas Citians are banding together to protect their community against crime.

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A Look Into Our History


Community United KC or New Community United of Kansas City Missouri is a charitable organization founded in 1997, in conjunction with a friendly basketball game between reported "drug dealers" and staff of Jackson County, Missouri Prosecutor's office, and today provides housing, mentoring, and various other social outreach programs and activities. Community United KC is funded by donations and by other charitable agencies, and works closely with Kansas City Police Department and Kansas City's existing social services framework to provide liaisons between the disenfranchised, and leadership of Kansas City's public and private sectors.


The group and its clientele are ethnically and religiously-mixed, accepting and drawing upon common themes in diverse religious beliefs ranging from Christianity to Islam to Scientology to the Latter-day Saint Movement, to Soka Gakkai Buddhism and so forth: its Mission Statement recommends that personnel and clientele pursue "belief in God". Beginning with a September 17, 2011 meeting and a declaration signed by dozens of community activists in Kansas City wishing to do whatever they could to help "stop the violence" or "stop the killing" in the area, Christian Pastor Tony Caldwell of Community United KC (lately also named "New Community United KC") along with Captain Vincent Muhammad of the Nation of Islam (NOI) shepherded the establishment on March 3, 2012, of a formal organization "Stop The Killing KC" whose mission statement was that day voted to remain the same as the mission statement for Community United KC:" take our City and Youth back from the drugs, poverty, poor health care, crime activities, and most of all Low Education and to restore high family morals with a strong ties to Religion with GOD always first."


A version of the group's outline history is as follows:

Community United KC was first formed to help shut down several drug houses in Kansas City, Missouri in 1997.

The group was asked to sponsor a basketball game between the Jackson County Missouri Prosecuting Attorneys' Office and Kansas City Missouri Police Department, and local drug dealers. The "bet" was that if the drug dealers lost, they would shut down 80% percent of their drug houses; if the police and prosecutors' departments lost the game, the police department and prosecutors' office would help with a re-education and jobs program for all involved in the basketball game.

After the game, Community United's popularity grew throughout Kansas City. In 1998 the group started a movement in the Vineyard Gardens to stop one of the most crime-ridden areas which Kansas City had ever experienced. Out of a two-bedroom house Community United started a job-training program and reading program, and budgeted programs and places where young people could come to get on computers and hang out and talk to some mentors.


Seniors First Program

We pride ourselves on taking care of our Seniors.

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